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Being vegan, I add tomatoes in literally everything (no joke) and they’re something I would quite happily snack on during the day, loving them doesn’t fully express how I feel about tomatoes, anyway I digress. Having travelled to Italy I am obsessed with Italian food, I always have been and I have always tried to get it just right, so when I want approached by Cirio I was honestly in my element because I love anything that helps me to get that amazing flavour that I’ve never got over here! Ready to find out more? Of course you are, and be prepared to get hungry!

Cirio have a wide range of products, everything from tomatoes, to beans, vegetables and lentils, there is something for everyone on there and it makes your food taste amazing!

I’m going to talk about the products individually because they all deserve an individual mention!

Cirio Passata – Now I use passata on a regular basis especially when it comes to pasta sauces, one because it’s cheap, it’s easy and you can make your own sauce. The one I normally buy I like, but now I’ve tried this one, honestly, I don’t think I will be going back. It is sweet and full of flavour, I added some seasoning to it, but even before I’d added them it gave the sauce something so perfect! It bought the whole dish together!

Datterini Baby Plum Tomatoes – I love baby plum tomatoes, I always find them sweeter than cherry tomatoes and they’re kind of my favourite! I used this in a spaghetti Bolognese and it was the best spag bol I’d ever made! The tomatoes were so rich and made the perfect addition to the sauce, I genuinely didn’t want the meal to end.

Peeled Plum Tomatoes – I really wanted to do something different with these so my husband and I actually made enchiladas! We don’t have them very often and we use my vegan friendly cheese and they were some of the most delicious enchiladas we’d ever made! So sweet and tasty and the plum tomatoes made the meal absolutely perfect!

Tomato Fillets – I like to keep my lunches super healthy so I made an amazing cous cous sauce with these! What I loved about using these rather than the other types was they bulked the meal out quite a bit, they tasted super sweet and absolutely delicious and if you’re trying to make your meals go a lot further then these are the tomatoes for you!

Tuscan Chopped Tomatoes – My father in law loves a good stew on a Sunday and adding these to the meal honestly gave it so much flavour! If you’re trying to introduce things like tomatoes to your children, where they’re quite small they would work so well in a dinner and they wouldn’t know they are there!

Borlotti Beans – I actually made a casserole with these, and I used so many vegetables, it was nicely bulked out and lasted lots of meals too! The beans added a sweet yet creamy taste to the casserole and honest I’d recommend it to anyone who is trying to bulk out a meal with lots of great and delicious flavours!

Double Concentrate Tomato Puree – In my household we’ve used tomato puree forever, however, this one was just completely different in the best way! We used this in a lasagne, and honestly it was so delicious, the flavours balanced perfectly and it was the best fuss free sauce we had ever created! Tomato puree is so versatile you can make it work for you regardless!

Pizza Sauce – Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of this before my husband surprised me with pizza, however that was part of the bundle that I received. Pizza is my absolute favourite and this sauce honestly made me want so much pizza more! It was so sweet, and delicious, it wasn’t overpowering with the spices and seasoning, it was perfect!

The thing I loved about all of their products is it literally reminded me of Italy just in my own kitchen! I’ve always loved Italian food but this gave me a chance to make it without it being difficult!

You can buy Cirio products in Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsbury!

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 *Disclaimer – this post contains PR samples however all views are my own.


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