March Advertisers 2017

How are we over a quarter of the way through the year? It literally doesn’t even seem possible. I mean let’s be honest, it’s absolute craziness, but spring has officially sprung. We have had some absolutely beautiful weather over the weekend, blue skies, beautiful sunshine, blossom on the trees, it’s such a beautiful time of year am I right? I’m so ready for the better weather! But not only that, I’ve had some absolutely amazing advertisers in my sidebar! Are you ready to find out more? Well of course you are! Grab a cuppa and find out more!

Holly is one of the most incredible bloggers, she is so talented, but not only that she has so many amazing posts on her blog, whether you want lifestyle posts, fashion, travel or beauty, you will find something for everyone on there! Her photography is absolutely amazing I mean I bow down to her talents, if I could take photos half as well as she could I would be a happy lady! Her full interview is right here!

Fancy following Holly? You can follow her here: Blog | BlogLovinInstagram | Twitter | YouTube

Natalie is a new advertiser this month, and I have absolutely fallen in love with her blog! Her posts are absolutely incredible (literally adore her writing style) and her photographs are fantastic. I always feel so at home on her blog, she makes you feel like you’re sitting right next to her have the best chat, and her make up reviews are incredible! You can check out her full interview right here!

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I have loved Dani’s blog, if you want to improve your blog, get tips and tricks, then Dani’s blog is the place to be. She has some of the most fabulous posts, all the hints that you need to make your blog absolutely incredible! Blogging is such a big journey, and I have found that her blog has really helped me on lots of aspects of my blogging life! You can also find amazing courses on her blog too! Check out her full interview right here!

You can follow Dani here – Blog|  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

I absolutely love Katie’s blog, her posts are so easy to read, relaxing but also honest in her approach. Her book choices are honestly the best ever, there is literally something for everyone, regardless of your book preference you will always find something on her blog and that is one of the perfect things about Katie’s blog! Not only that you will also find amazing lifestyle and beauty posts. Want to read her full interview? Check it out right here!

You can follow Katie – Blog | BlogLovin | Instagram | Twitter


Kay’s blog is a little different to most, and do you know what, that is something that makes it so special. Kay does a series called missing Monday, honestly it is a fantastic idea, and I am fascinated by these posts, they actually make my Monday. If you haven’t read those posts, honestly give them a read, she rights about them in such a caring way, you won’t regret it! See her full interview here!

You can follow Kay here: Blog | BlogLovinFacebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Sally has been my blogging friend for so long and her blog is just as fabulous as she is. Sally is the biggest ray of sunshine in the blogging community, she is a beautiful person inside and out, and not only that, you will find something for yourself and everyone on her blog. Her travel posts from Japan are honestly insanely beautiful, I have some serious wanderlust jealousy right now! Sally writes everything from fashion, to travel, to beauty.

Find Sally at | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

Kayleigh is one of the most genuine people in the world, her blog is just an extension of herself! On Coffee & Blogging you will find beauty, food, travel and lifestyle, not only that you will fall in love with the way that Kayleigh writes, she makes you feel so comfortable and not only that her photos are pure perfection. You won’t regret having a read through her incredible blog.

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Kirsty has been my blogging friend for years, and I have appreciated everything that she has done for me on my wonderful journey! She is one of my favourite bloggers in the world! She has an incredible blog filled with her pregnancy and now gorgeous baby Mia, and not only that her music and book choices on her blog are always the best things ever! She is inspiring and overall absolutely incredible!

Find Kirsty at | Twitter | Instagram

Sarah is someone who inspires me so much her writing, her tweets and her photography always inspire me to improve my blog and never stop thinking. Her blog is actually somewhere I feel the most comfortable, her blog feels like that comfy spot at home, she has a way of writing that makes you feel comfortable and right at home. Sarah writes everything beauty to travel!

Find Sarah – Louise: Website | Instagram | Twitter | BlogLovin

I’ve been friends with Alisha for so long, and she has literally kept me going for so long! Alisha talks about so many different topics, whether it is her spoonie life or beauty and lifestyle her blog is filled with so many of her passions and loves. I definitely relate to the way she writes and her blogging, it’s one of the greatest feelings knowing you relate to a persons writing!

You can follow Alisha: BlogInstagram | Twitter | Bloglovin | Tumblr

Don’t forget to follow my other advertisers this month, the wonderful Andrea from Beauty With Andrea and Tarnya from Sweet Allure and Tanya from The White Punjabi Bride!

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