IQ Superfood Chocolate Review*

I have spoken so much about my love for chocolate, and let’s be honest isn’t chocolate one of the greatest things ever? The answer to that question is no, chocolate is the most comforting and delicious thing in the entire world! I got sent these gorgeous bars from IQ superfood chocolate and I have been in my element ever since! This amazing chocolate is made in Scotland, raw, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and vegan friendly, so are you ready to find out more about these amazing chocolates?



These chocolates are absolutely incredible, they are smooth, full of flavour and not bland at all. A lot of vegan friendly chocolate can be hit and miss, but do you know what, these hit the spot perfectly, they are some of the best chocolates I’ve had and not only that there are a variety of flavours available so there is literally something for everyone. My personal favourite out of all of these? Oooh it’s a tough one it’s between the coffee and the cacao nib crunch.


This might be a strange one to talk about with it being chocolate, however the chocolates are so smooth in your moth, and are perfect for having as a sweet treat.

Value for money

These bars are £1.99 each, now this might sound a little expensive, but you have to think about what you get for that price, the quality of the chocolate you’re getting, the taste, the flavours, everything. They use the best ingredients in their products and I think they’re definitely worth the price that you pay for it. I know I will definitely be buying more because in all honesty I think that I will need a lorry filled with these delicious chocolates!

Overall thoughts

These chocolates are now officially some of my favourites, I’ve tried so many vegan friendly chocolates and these ones have the all the flavour, the taste and are the perfect chocolates for me. These chocolates are some of the ones that I don’t ever want to live without. I most definitely recommend these amazing chocolates and this amazing company to everyone, they’re ridiculously talented with the way they make chocolate and the taste is perfect!

Fancy buying your own bar of chocolate heaven? This is your chance, don’t miss you!

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*Disclaimer – this post contains PR samples.

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