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How have we almost finished the second month of the year? I mean honestly, this is absolute madness! However, it has been a fabulous month filled with ups and downs, but a whole lot of love, and that is the best thing ever right? I am definitely looking forward to next month, there is so much going on, and I am literally buzzing for it! Back to this month though I have had some of the most wonderful people in my sidebar, I mean honestly, they’re talented, wonderful, kind & overall fantastic people, I’m eternally grateful to have them in my sidebar. So are you ready to find out more? Grab a cuppa and let’s find you some more blogs to read!

Kay has such an incredible blog and not only that she is such a ridiculously talented person, her posts are amazing as well as her photography, I spend my life in absolute awe of her hard work and everything that she puts into her blog! I always relate to Kay’s posts because she talks about things that should be talked about more and more but also she offers her own thoughts on a topic which allows you to see things from a different view which I think always helps in a lot of situations! She has give a full in depth interview here!

You can follow Kay here: Blog | BlogLovinFacebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Katie is honestly one of the most wonderful people in the world, she has such a way with words, but not only that the way she writes on her blog is just absolutely incredible, I am in love with her book choices and her blog! She is such a talented, wonderful and supportive person, an absolute asset to the blogging community! I love the way that she comes across in her posts too, I feel like Katie allows me to see things from a different perspective and gets me thinking about a lot of things differently! She gave an in depth interview here!

You can follow Katie – Blog | BlogLovin | Instagram | Twitter

If you’ve not read Dani’s blog yet, honestly where have you been? She has he most amazing tips on how to get the most out of your blogging experience, lots of how to guides and overall how to improve your blog! She is the queen of blogging tips and helping others with their blogs, honestly in awe of her hard work! She always inspires me to be a better blogger, a better writer and to never stop trying to achieve and be the best that I can be!  Check out her in depth interview here!

You can follow Dani here – Blog|  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Sally was one of my fabulous friends, she is honestly one of the most incredible people in the entire world and she is so genuine and honest. I adore her so much but not only that she is such a ray of sunshine. She makes everything so much better, and not only that her blog has some of the most amazing posts, from food, fashion, lifestyle & travel she takes on the world with her blog! Check out her in depth interview here!

Find Sally at | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

Kirsty has been one of my close friends from the beginning of my blogging journey and she honestly has been one of the greatest people in the world. She has such an incredible blog and talent for making people feel so calm and relaxed on her blog. I always feel most at home when I am reading her blog! It is literally like I am sitting there having the biggest cup of tea and having a good chat with her. That is what makes her blog so special. She has such good taste in music and books too, all can be found on her blog!

Find Kirsty at | Twitter | Instagram

I have absolutely loved Sarah’s blog for so long, she is so good at what she does, not only that I absolutely love all of her lifestyle posts! It was actually one of the first posts I ever read on her blog, the way that she writes honestly makes you feel so comfortable but not only that it’s one of those laid back reads that makes you want to keep coming back to her blog! Sarah writes everything from lifestyle to beauty and travel!

Find Sarah – Louise: Website | Instagram | Twitter | BlogLovin

If you have never read this beautiful human’s blog then where have you been? Alisha is one of my greatest friends, she is kind, caring and honest with all of her posts! She talks about her spoonie life, the struggles she faces but also beauty and lifestyle! All things that make her such an incredible blogger! I always feel like I can relate to her writing, and the way she comes across is so perfect, she is compassionate, understanding and above all incredible!

You can follow Alisha: BlogInstagram | Twitter | Bloglovin | Tumblr

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