12 Ways To Ease An Anxious Mind

As most people will know, lately I have been struggling yet again with anxiety! I wish there was just a button I could press that would allow me to calm my anxious mind, and yet it isn’t ever that difficult. It can be the smallest of things that cause me to be anxious but my mind tends to go into overdrive. When it gets to the point where I can just feel the anxiety building up inside of me, to the point my heart just races and I feel so sick. It is one of the most horrible feelings in the world.

I spoke while I was away in the Isle of Wight that I struggled with travel anxiety and how I was struggling, I was really lucky that my husband was so understanding because I don’t think I could have coped as well as I did without him. So what are some of the things that I use to ease my anxiety? I’m not saying they’re the answer to everything, but they really help to ease how you’re feeling!

One. Breathing techniques

Now I have done these for a long time since I was in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and honestly it works. When you focus on your breathing it honestly calms your mind even a little!

Two. Yoga

Yoga is one of my most favourite things in the world, I have practiced it for years and I find it so good for mind, body and soul. You don’t need to be able to do a head stand or a crow pose, just a few sun salutations can really help.

Three. Scents like lavender in your room.

I have lavender everywhere in my room as I find that it really helps to calm me and be able to sleep properly, and it really does help!

Four. Chamomile tea.

I have a cup of chamomile tea every night before I go to bed, it helps me to feel calmer, and ore relaxed, especially before I go to sleep. If your anxiety keeps you awake at night or you struggle to sleep then chamomile tea really helps.

Five. Speak to a loved one.

I always speak to Paul, he is my rock through so much and my best friend. He really helps me to think clearly, tells me when I am worrying about nothing and is always 100% honest with me which is exactly what I need.

Six. Start with the mindfulness trend.

I actually spoke about it here and how important the trend is. I have been practicing it and I am honestly noticing such a difference and it really helps me to be focus on the good, the positive and what is important in my life.

Seven. A good music playlist.

I have playlists set up on my phone for when I need them the most, not only that if you have Spotify there are amazing playlists on there for when you need calming. I rely heavily upon these playlists sometimes!

Eight. Avoid caffeine.

Now this is one I struggle with, I would normally say limit but lets be honest, once that coffee touches your lips are you really going to say you don’t want more? Well of course not, you’re going to end up having more and more!

Nine. Meditation.

My husband and I medicate a lot, it is something that once it is part of your routine you don’t give it up, mainly because it is so useful in your daily life. It gets you in touch with your feelings and emotions and really helps me to feel calm.

Ten. Find an outlet for your emotions.

Blogging has been my outlet for my emotions and words can’t ever express how grateful I am to have found and been drawn to this community. It is an incredible community to be a part of.

Eleven. Take time away from social media

I have found my anxiety to be worse when I am constantly on social media. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to that, but I am definitely trying my best to remember to take time away. I actually wrote a post here about putting your phone down and getting away from social media – so do check it out!

Twelve. Have a hot bath with candles

A bath can be so relaxing, it relaxes our minds and our bodies and I think it is very important to make sure that you have me time, and a bath with a good bath bomb, some gorgeous smelling candles and a fresh pair of pyjama’s is absolutely everything!

What do you do to deal with your anxious mind?

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  1. 05/05/2017 / 5:08 am

    Really good advice. Aroma therapy works.

    • facebook-profile-picture
      05/05/2017 / 7:59 pm

      Oooh I forgot about aromatherapy! I used to do that all of the time! xxxx

  2. 05/07/2017 / 9:38 pm

    Loved this post some great tips here Amie!xo

    • facebook-profile-picture
      07/07/2017 / 1:17 pm

      Thank you so much darling it means a lot! xxxx

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