What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?

We all talk about loving ourselves and the pressure that we end up putting on ourselves to look a certain or be a certain way, but let’s be honest there is no way to be perfect, there is no way specific way that we should be because we are incredible just the way that we are. Sometimes it is really difficult to grasp that concept because I know being a plus size girl there is so much pressure on me to be skinnier. I have been losing weight and that is just for me and the fact that I need to be healthier for myself and also because I want to make sure I’m healthy enough to bring a child into the world.

I’m not saying being skinny is healthy or being larger is healthy, what I am saying though is that I want to feel healthy & when I was bigger than I am now walking was painful, I was constantly tired, but now I’m in a better place I now need to learn to love this new body that I have.

I personally believe that loving yourself is not thinking you’re gorgeous 24/7 or thinking you need to change things about yourself, or your life all the time. It’s not about that and that might sound strange coming from someone who is trying to lose weight (but it’s more to be healthier for when I start a family with Paul) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love my body in a different way. I love that my body keeps me doing when I need it to the most, it keeps me alive, it helps me to power through my workouts, it allows me to hold my husband at night.

To me loving yourself is knowing that you’re worth everything and the way that you feel like you look doesn’t determine your worth. That is definitely so hard when you’re learning to love yourself, I know to this day it is something I still struggle with to this day because I always think that when people look at me that I’m a bad person for letting my body be this way or for doing nothing about it.

I also think that loving yourself is knowing you deserve to be happy and that you deserve to have good things to happen to you. You deserve to be happy, and you deserve good things to happen to you because you’re an incredible person.

Loving yourself means looking after yourself, I don’t just mean working out and eating healthy but being kind to yourself, you might not love yourself everyday, or you might not appreciate what your body does for you every moment of everyday but I promise you that looking after yourself is so important.

It also means to cut yourself some slack sometimes, we are so hard on ourselves that sometimes we don’t appreciate what incredible humans we are! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, there is no pressure to be perfect, no one is, but we are still incredible humans and you are too!

What does it truly mean to love yourself for you? Leave your response in the comments!

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  1. 23/01/2017 / 12:34 pm

    I really like this post! The topic of loving yourself is so difficult to define, but I think you hit the nail on the head. I also completely agree with you – personally, I am currently trying to lose weight and be healthy, and all I’ve seen are people criticising those of us who are doing so for conforming to the diet industry and ‘hating our bodies’. But for me, I am so in awe of my body and I love it for everything that it does for me, which is exactly why I want to feed it the right things and keep it healthy and active.
    Thank you for posting this, I really needed to see it today!
    Beth x | Adventure & Anxiety

  2. Chloe-Rose
    25/01/2017 / 8:40 am

    I totally agree with what you have said! As someone who has always struggled to love herself this basically sums up how I feel. This is so well written! Can’t wait to read more of your work!

    Love Chloe-Rose Xx

  3. 06/02/2017 / 12:28 pm

    Completely agree lovely! I don’t think that anyone loves themselves all day every day, it’s all about taking each day as they come!

    Ella xx

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