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Christmas Decorations

Everyone has some sort of tradition that they do every year, however within the Cadwallader household we always have a new personalised tree decoration. We have done since our first Christmas together and it is something that we have carried on for almost 5 years now. So in this post I decided to take a photo of a couple of my favourites, I can’t photograph the first 3 before we got married (we had a couple for the year we got married) because they’re balls and bloody awkward to photograph. So are you ready to see the cutest decorations ever? Well of course you are!

Christmas DecorationsThis was one of the ones that we got when we got married, our tree wasn’t actually up at this point when we got it, but I cried when I got it because I genuinely wasn’t expecting it and it was so beautiful. This one definitely made my heart so happy because it something that tied in with our beautiful year of getting married which was the perfect day!

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Another of our gorgeous wedding decorations, I bought this one (I was trying to choose between the decoration before this one and this one and I chose this one – my mum bought the other one!) I personally loved this one with the arch even though we didn’t really have one, it’s kind of the traditional thing to have a wedding arch.

So what are your Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear them so leave me a comment letting me know what they are!

Love Amie 2016

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  1. 13/12/2016 / 6:32 pm

    Aw they’re such sweet wedding Christmas decorations! My family have a snowman one like the top one, with all our names on it, and a little spare labelled spare haha :’) the spare this year is my boyfriend since he’s moved in with us! We’re both moving out after Christmas into our own flat, so next year we might have to get our own lil personalised decoration :’)

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