8 Ways To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

So tomorrow is officially December, which means that we will have 25 days until Christmas day. Sorry but it is true, and this makes it that special time of year for me because I absolutely adore this time of year. 24 days till you can no longer shop for Christmas presents and time to plan to get the food in ready for Christmas day! Oooh it’s so exciting! If you’re not in the Christmas mood yet, which I have been since my birthday which is officially 4 months before Christmas, if I could I’d be banging out those Christmas tunes on the 1st September, but that is genuinely because I’m sad. So how can you get into the Christmas spirit? Grab a large hot chocolate with marshmallows and let’s get you in the mood!

1. Christmas Movies

Oh there are so many fabulous ones, honestly there are so many amazing ones, my favourites are It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas & Elf because they’re some of the most beautiful films that get me all warm and fuzzy inside.

2. Christmas Songs

Oh the songs are just fabulous right? I mean let’s be honest Wizzard I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday? That is an absolute classic in our house! We used to play it when we were opening presents and I used to dance along to it. My all time favourite though is Fairytale Of New York simply because it makes me smile every time I hear it.

3. Advent Calendars

I have actually recently put a post up (click here) for my top favourites for advent calendars! There are the normal chocolate ones but there is one extra special one from Lush! Opening everyday as a countdown gets me so excited!

4. Visit A Christmas Market

I love Christmas markets, the mulled wine (when I find a vegan one) and listening to the choir sing Christmas songs there is nothing more festive to get you in the mood!

5. Decorate The House

I love putting decorations up, especially because since I was a kid we would have all of the decorations that my mum collected over the years. Every ornament has a story and a reason behind the purchase, it gets me so excited.

6. Christmas Drinks

I know that Costa & Starbucks have already bought out their festive range, and having some of their fabulous Christmas drinks really help to get you in the mood!

7. Burn Christmas Candles

I love Christmas candles, just as long as they don’t have cinnamon in them as I’m really allergic and it makes me very ill but you can get amazing winter berry ones and there are so many vegan friendly candles that have some beautiful scents to them!

8. Have a Lush bath

Lush have always got the most amazing bath bombs and festive range, I mean it’s amazing and I love their scents, so nothing makes me happier than using the Golden Wonder bath bomb, I love it so much and I always come out so sparkly!

What gets you into the Christmas spirit? Leave your response in the comments below!

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  1. 01/12/2016 / 10:01 pm

    Christmas music is for sure my favourite way to get into the Christmas spirit! Or rather the way I do the most. You can listen to Christmas music even when you are flat out – it helps dull the ache of little time to celebrate ❄️ I do intend to sqidge in a little Christmas market time this weekend though 🙂

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