The Best Budget Friendly Places To Buy Stationery

The Best Budget Friendly Places To Buy Stationery

As someone who adores her bullet journal, I literally live for my stationery, I honestly cannot get enough of it, I’m the biggest sucker for cute stationery especially when it’s so cute! The thing is sometimes cute and wonderful stationery can be incredible expensive overall, but I think it is so important to be able to get value for money but also get the cutest stationery around, so I have put together the most wonderful places for you to get the best value and quality stationery from.

1. Paperchase

Paperchase is my absolute favourite place in the world, I love the fact that they have so many amazing things in there, and their stationery is of such amazing quality! I literally have a cupboard filled with them because they do such amazing stationery. Their prices are honestly so worth it, it might seem a little expensive sometimes however they are products that will last you!

2. Anthropologie

I have seriously been lusting over so much of their stuff right now, I mean honestly the products are so gorgeous. There is literally something for everyone, whether you want a gorgeous journals, or beautiful pens, yearly calendars & pencil cases it is all so beautiful! Some things are a little on the expensive side, but you deserve it don’t you!

3. Tiger

I use Tiger a lot for my stationery, especially when it comes to the basics, however they do some absolutely fabulous products and in a quirky way! I got the most amazing pencil sharpener from there it is in the shape of a coffee cup, it’s so cute and I love it so much! I have some amazing highlighters from there, pens, pencils and everything, I love it!

4. That Lame Company

That Lame Company is one of my favourites especially as I know the wonderful lady who puts in such hard work to make all of the wonderful work happen! Not only that their notebooks, their phone cases, everything is so amazing and so fabulous! Chloe honestly puts her heart and soul into everything!

5. The Works

We have just had The Works open in my local town which is absolutely amazing and dangerous for me at the same time because the books in there always get me! The amount of books I have right now is beyond ridiculous! But did you know that they also do some of the most wonderful stationery, especially when it comes to their colouring pencils and their note books!

6. Wilkos

Now this might be the last place you think of, but do you know what I have fallen in love with their special collections! The bright colours, the storage boxes, everything that you might need for your stationery needs! Their tribes stationery collection is absolutely wonderful, I love the colour scheme and the added pieces they’ve got in the collection!

What companies do you love for all your stationery needs, let me know your response in the comments!

Love Amie 2016


  1. 16/11/2016 / 7:17 am

    Paperchase is fab, I’m signed up to their loyalty scheme and get discounts etc. all the time! Tiger is another great one and budget friendly too x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. 16/11/2016 / 10:44 am

    That Lame Company is my absolute fave place to buy stationery from, but Paperchase comes a close second. I just got my Christmas wrapping/cards delivered from there yesterday and practically squealed when it arrived!

    Steph –

  3. 16/11/2016 / 4:02 pm

    These are all great places for stationery – although I’ve never actually shopped at Anthropologie, only heard of it. Paperchase is my ultimate fave. I went in there just the other day for a browse, and came out with a cute postcard and a new organiser. It’s dangerous, for me, walking into any of these stores! Haha.

  4. 17/11/2016 / 2:24 pm

    I love love love stationary! Thank you for this post – i love paper chase (they can never do wrong) I will be checking out all the other places in the post 🙂 I have so many notebooks that are unused because they are too pretty (oops) xo

  5. 20/11/2016 / 7:30 pm

    Ooh I looove paperchase! And Tiger, but I have no idea where the nearest one is 🙁 I think I’ve only been to one once! One day I’ll find one and buy ERRRYTHING!

  6. 08/01/2017 / 6:25 am

    I love stationery and and obsessed with Paperchase but like the look of some of the other places you mentioned!

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