Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Collection

Dr Botanicals

I’ve literally adored Dr Botanicals* for so long so when they contacted me I was over the mood literally I could have jumped so high i was ridiculous! They have so many amazing vegan friendly products & not only that the quality of their products are absolutely incredible and that is something that is so important to me. This incredible company are cruelty free and vegan friendly so if you’re looking at going cruelty free then this company is an amazing place to start because you know that you’re going to get some incredible quality products.

dr-botanicals-moroccan-rose-superfood-facial-oilLet’s kick off with this gorgeous facial oil! If you’ve never used a facial oil before then this one is absolutely fantastic! I like to add oils into my skincare especially when the colder months come because I find that my skin gets really dry and with this oil will work perfectly!

The oil isn’t like a proper oil consistency, personally I thought that it felt more like a serum when it went on, which actually is personally brilliant for me! I love the effects of this oil it leaves my skin feeling smooth and plump which is perfect for my skin!

What I love about this facial oil is the fact that it is really light on my skin, which is important for me because I have combination skin! The fab thing about this oil is the fact that it dries so quickly on my skin which is a fantastic thing for me personally!

I absolutely adore this facial oil and think this is perfect for my skin. It is a little pricey at £67 however you do not need a lot of it and it will last a lot longer. Fancy buying your own? Click here!

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Senses Bath Oil

I love a good relaxing bath, it is an absolutely fantastic feeling just to lay in the bath relax with some bath oils, candles and a box set. So when I used this I was literally in my absolute element, I love the scent of this gorgeous, it has a floral aroma which is so relaxing when you’re in the bath!

The other fantastic thing about this amazing oil is that it left my skin feeling so soft. I mean it was ridiculously soft, I don’t think my skin has ever felt as soft as it did after a bath with this gorgeous oil.

The thing I love about this bath oil is that you don’t need a lot of it in your bath, it is literally 2 teaspoons in your bath to give you amazing results! If you don’t like strong scents then this one is really good for you because it isn’t too over the top with the whole aroma, it is subtle and relaxing.

This bath oil is quite expensive at £63.50, however you do not need a lot of it in your bath! Fancy buying your own relaxing bath oil? Click here!

Love Amie 2016

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*Disclaimer – this was a sponsored post!


  1. 25/09/2016 / 10:31 pm

    These sound amazing,definitely worth a try x

    • facebook-profile-picture
      27/09/2016 / 7:39 pm

      If you do have a chance please do give them a go if you can, they are so fabulous! <3

  2. 08/10/2016 / 3:53 pm

    I absolutely love facial oils & this one sounds really good! might have to try it out 🙂
    thanks for a great review!


    • facebook-profile-picture
      08/10/2016 / 5:53 pm

      I love them too, and this one is one of the best ones I’ve tried! It’s such a good one for your skin! <3

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