Yogi Tea Summer Hamper*

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I have always said that tea is literally in my blood, I am constantly drinking tea, I am the kind of girl who would live on tea if I could, but then I would never be healthy like that would I? I was so lucky to get sent this amazing hamper of tea, I mean honestly so lucky, I feel so grateful to have had the chance to try them, and there are so many different types of tea in there to try! Ready to find out more about these teas? Let’s go!

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I have liked tea for a while now, and I’ve have licorice in my tea before too, but this one is is just pure licorice. If you’ve never had licorice in your tea, then this will surprise you.

What I found with this tea is it actually wasn’t overpowering with the licorice, it was quite sweet, but it tasted fabulous! I enjoyed this so much that it even killed a lot of my sweet cravings!

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If you’re not feeling very well or if you have a sore throat, this is absolutely amazing. It does have quite strong taste of spice, but I thought it had a sweet note towards the end which was fabulous.

Not only that I found it to be a very calming effect on me which is something that we all need, especially if you are under the weather.

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This was actually one of my favourite ones! I love this one, it was very mild, it was quite sweet, the herbs weren’t overpowering it was amazing. I also found that it is very good for mood enhancing which is perfect for if you’re on your period and you’re struggling with mood swings, which I really do.

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This tea honestly might surprise you! I thought that sweet chilli would be overpowering, it would be really sweet, really spicy, but in all honesty it wasn’t. It was sweet, yet the chilli was incredibly mild, which was really surprising, but it tasted absolutely incredible!

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I love this tea! This is tea is very aromatic, it has a strong taste, but in a wonderful way! It is sweet yet spicy but also but I could also smell licorice which was absolutely wonderful because it added the sweet and beautiful notes to it.

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Now I’ve realised that I like licorice tea, I love this tea! I love the added mint note in this, it allows my palette to feel refreshed and it tastes absolutely incredible! It is so refreshing too, that is one of the added things I love about this tea, it is sweet and fresh!

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I really quite liked the ginger lemon tea, it is quite strong so if you aren’t used to strong teas, then I would suggest not leaving the tea bag in too long. Not only that it refreshes your palette and the lemon is quite strong, with the compliments of the ginger it’s wonderful. If you don’t feel too well, then I recommend this one because it makes me feel so much better!

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This one is for the chocoholics! This is a wonderful alternative to hot chocolate, but not only that it is such a subtle blend of herbs and spices which is fantastic! Also if you fancy you can add milk into your tea, I did and it tastes wonderful!

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Now if you like the ginger lemon tea and think it is quite strong then I found that with the added green tea it is a little more mild. Not so you can’t taste it, but it still tastes absolutely fantastic, it is subtle yet wonderful and I love the taste of this tea!

Fancy buying your own? You can buy your own on the Holland & Barrett website here, on Amazon here and here on the Yogi Tea wesbite.

Love Amie 2016

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  1. Jen
    10/08/2016 / 8:14 pm

    This bunch of tea bags sound so intriguing! I love the sound of the Licorice Mint one, I need to try some!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    • facebook-profile-picture
      12/08/2016 / 2:06 pm

      I absolutely loved the Licorice Mint one, they’re all unique and taste incredible in their own way which might sound like it isn’t a compliment but it is. They are all completely different yet taste absolutely fantastic! Please do give them a go because they taste amazing! <3

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