Get Whiter Teeth With Cocowhite*

Get White Teeth With Cocowhite

Now there has been so much talk about teeth whitening and oil pulling, I see so many people absolutely raving about it and my teeth are something that I’ve been insecure about. I have this weird cross over with my 2 front teeth and I sometimes notice a little discolouration, so I thought it was literally the perfect time for me to try it!

When you are worried about the colour of your teeth it honestly makes you ridiculously self conscious, trying to perfect it with the camera, so being able to try this honestly meant the world to me! Ready to find out all my thoughts? Let’s go!


Taste & Consistency 

I had the mint flavour which honestly suited me down to the ground in all honesty because it was so refreshing for me. At first when I tried it, I wasn’t sure on the way it felt in my mouth, it did feel quite thick which was something that I didn’t enjoy that much, however after the first few tries I honestly enjoyed it quite a bit. Definitely didn’t think I would say that 2 weeks ago!

When you first start you might not like, I’m not going to lie to you, however it really does grow on you!

Does It Work? 

I honestly noticed a remarkable difference in my teeth to be honest! My teeth look whiter than they have done in a while and in conjunction with an amazing toothpaste the effects are noticed! Not only are my teeth whiter but they also feel much healthier and stronger than they have in a while!

I tend to get a lot of pain and sensitivity around my gums all the time, however since I started using this for 2 weeks, my gums are healthier and they feel happier too!

Value For Money? 

There are 14 sachets in this box, I used it for 15 minutes a night and I found that it worked. They are £24.99 a box they’re ready to use and easy to fit into your daily life. I think when you find a product that works, is easy to use and is a brilliant price point I will definitely endorse it.

Overall Thoughts

I genuinely think that this product is a fabulous product, the way it has left my teeth feel, I think it is something I would buy again and recommend to the people around me!

Fancy buying your own box of Cocowhite? Click here and make that amazing purchase! You won’t reget it! 

Love Amie 2016

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*Disclaimer: this was a sponsored post!

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