Teagime Review*

teagime review

As someone who is obsessed with tea, this was something that was right up my street! I’m pretty sure that tea is running through my veins, it’s not actually blood any more, however, I’ve done a teatox before however I found that this one is so different to any one that I have ever done in my entire life! So what is this teatox all about? Are you ready? Let’s go!

So with this teatox there is one thing that is very different to all the ones that I have tried before is it is customised! It is customised to what you want it to be, which at first I was quite sceptical about because I thought, how are they going to be able to customise it to what you want, but honestly it was an amazing experience! You put in what you want to achieve from the teatox, you can tick as many different boxes as you like, I ticked about 4 different boxes and they try to help you achieve as many of those goals as possible. So what did I honestly think of this?



They all have different flavours depending on what you want in them, you can customise the things that you want in them and what you don’t so obviously being vegan I didn’t want things like honey or anything that comes from an animal, and personally I don’t really like the herb flavoured teas and they took this into account. The evening one was one of my favourite ones because I love chamomile tea, and I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well as I have done when I’ve been having this tea. I stopped having my chamomile tea for a while because it was keeping me awake, however the blend in this evening tea is absolutely amazing!

Best Time To Drink

I drink the morning tea while I have my breakfast as I find it helps me better with my digestion, the afternoon tea after I have had my lunch but before I have my afternoon snack, and I have the evening tea after I’ve had my dinner and before I have my medication as I find it helps me to relax a little more and wind down a little more for the evening!

How To Use It

You can get reusable teabags (because it is loose tea you’re going to need something & also pictured above) so you just wash them out after a use, which comes in really handy, you just put some of your tea in there and leave to brew for 3 – 5 minutes!

Value For Money

I have to admit, that this teatox is a little more expensive than most it is £29.99, however it is personalised to your specific needs, it takes into account what you want from your blend but also what you like in terms of the taste, and because of all of that I do feel that it is worth the extra money that you pay!

Overall Thoughts

I have really noticed the benefits of this amazing tea, my skin is much clearer, I have had less breakouts especially on my chin, I have a lot more energy (I’m literally like the Duracell bunny right now) I am sleeping much better and I feel so much healthier in general! I feel like this has been an amazing experience, it is definitely a teatox I would recommend to a variety of people who are looking to meet certain goals which they can then personalise!

You can create your own personalised teatox plan here today! 

Love Amie 2016

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*Disclaimer: this was a sponsored post.


  1. Tiffeny Brown
    23/06/2016 / 6:31 am

    This actually sounds great, I’m a sucker for teatoxes! Considering it’s personalised and you also get an afternoon tea, I think it’s a fairly good price! Will definitely try this is in the future 🙂 xx

    • facebook-profile-picture
      27/06/2016 / 5:27 pm

      I love teatoxes, but this one is incredible and not only that it fits right into your daily life. Not only that it takes into account the things that you want from a teatox and things that you don’t necessarily like which is brilliant. ?

  2. 23/06/2016 / 3:14 pm

    This sounds lovely! I´ve been wanting to try a teatox for a while now but am always afraid to gor for it as I don´t drink much tea. I also kind of hate herbal teas and I feel like many teatoxes have at least one herbal tea in them that I then wouldn´t be able to dring. But with being able to give them preferences, this sounds great! I will definitely save this one for when I´m ready to start a teatox!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    • facebook-profile-picture
      27/06/2016 / 5:31 pm

      Give it a go my lovely, honestly it takes into account everything that you might not like and I really really liked it! You get 3 teas and it really helps me. ?

  3. 23/06/2016 / 7:59 pm

    I usually think teatoxes sound a bit gimicky but this one doesn’t sound too bad if it’s making you have energy and nice skin. I suppose I am just really suspicious of the ones that claim you’ll lose 1000lbs in a week drinking tea haha.

    Aisling | anthologie.

    • facebook-profile-picture
      27/06/2016 / 5:34 pm

      I’m the same too darling, however, I found that this tea helped me to sleep much better, I didn’t feel as bloated and my skin cleared up a lot which for me is such a sticking point with me! This one did help me to boost my metabolism but it didn’t claim I would lose so much weight in a specific time from drinking tea. I had a lot more energy too which is always a good thing!?

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