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It’s one of my favourite times of the month, it’s that time where you have the chance to meet the amazing people that have been on my side bar for the month, today we are kicking it off with Saara! Saara is one of the most wonderful people in the entire world and her blog is an amazing extension of herself. Saara’s blog has so much for everyone, there are lots of amazing lifestyle posts from energizing your mornings to what you can use coconut oil for and more with beauty, food and fashion! The way that Saara writes is incredible, it’s a calming, friendly and fabulous atmosphere that she creates on her blog! Ready to get to know her a little more? Let’s go!

What was the reason you started your blog/business?

At the time I didn’t really have a hobby I truly enjoyed and I would just sit around all day watching TV or something else not very productive. One day I just thought “You know what I’ll set up a blog because why not” it seemed like a fun thing to do on your free time and I was interested in seeing what it’s like running a blog.

What have you learned through your blogging journey?

I’ve learned that good things take time. Of course I’ve always known that but with blogging I’ve truly understood it. I used to look at all the popular blogs and wonder if I’ll ever be able to do what they do. And here I am about a year later and I’m actually doing really well with my blog and I’m really happy with it. It all just takes a little bit of time!

How would you best describe your blog?

My blog is mainly centered around beauty and fashion but I do like to throw in the occasional lifestyle/food post just to keep things interesting. I try to show some personality in my posts by including little facts about me or by telling (trying to at least) little jokes. I like to think my blog has a relaxed feel to it – it’s not too stiff and professional but it’s not awfully sloppy either.

Name something quirky that you can do that we might not know about you.

Something quirky I can do… hmm. Well I am quirky – I’m a true weirdo and the things I do on an everyday basis usually turn out pretty quirky. So that’s probably something most didn’t know haha!

What was one of your favourite posts to write/create?

I’m currently writing a little series called “Why I don’t love it anymore”. So far I’ve done a post on the Beauty blender and the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and I’m really liking how the posts have turned out. I’ve also got a lot of positive feedback on the series. I think it’s quite different from what I’d usually do on my blog. I really like to talk about things that I love so this is like the complete opposite.

Why should someone come visit your blog?

I like to think my blog has quality content on it and some personal touch to it – so if you’re looking for a good time and some fun reads then head over!

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