Plamil Chocolate Hearts Review*


With Valentines day fast approaching now is the time to find the perfect chocolates for your partner, and I know that there are lots out there to choose from. However I have found the perfect heart shaped chocolates that are the perfect alternative to milk chocolate. They are tasty and perfect to deal with those sweet tooth cravings and are easy on the bank balance! So what are these wonderful chocolate I hear you cry?


These are the wonderful organic dairy free hearts from Plamil, they are absolutely fantastic and for the amount that you get they are incredible good value for money. Want to hear more? Let’s go. 



They taste a lot like regular milk chocolate, they are creamy in texture, they’re sweet but not too sweet which is perfect. The thing that I love the most about these chocolates is the fact that they’re just right, they get the sweetness just right. I am the type of person that likes chocolate, and I want to be able to enjoy it without feel like the sweetness takes over.


The hearts absolutely huge! I mean the photo on here doesn’t do it justice but they’re packed full of chocolate and they’re absolute solid, and the fabulous thing about it is you can share them (if you want, it’s not law) and get your sweet fix.

Value For Money

I definitely think that they’re value for money because you don’t need too many of them, because they’re such solid hearts and they’re quite big, I found that I didn’t end up eating a whole pack because of the amount of high quality chocolate that was in it you genuinely get what you pay for. I’ve honestly never been so impressed with solid chocolate shapes. I’d definitely recommend them!

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely adore these, as someone who is a healthy eating nut, I definitely find that these are my favourite treats, I love a bit of chocolate! These would be perfect for your partner because they are something that you could share together but also it is in a bag that you can do back up, so it doesn’t effect the chocolate. This is an incredibly well thought out product but also something that people could enjoy on a regular basis.



To purchase these wonderful hearts, please click here!


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    • facebook-profile-picture
      03/02/2016 / 11:41 am

      They really are delicious! And it isn’t too much either!?

    • facebook-profile-picture
      03/02/2016 / 6:37 pm

      Please do it darling! It is so worth it and they are absolutely delicious!?