Frys Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets Review


When I first went vegan, Fry’s was some of the first products I actually tried, so I have a huge amount of love for the products that they do. You might have never seen Fry’s in stores, however they have a wide variety of different products available for you to try and they’re very budget friendly! When the nuggets that Fry’s made previously I absolutely adored them, they tasted delicious and I couldn’t get enough of them, now onto the delicious new nuggets that they have! 



I absolutely adored the taste of these nuggets, the strange thing was they sort of tasted like chicken, which I’m not sure was the intention however, what I did love was the flavours. I love the crumb that was used on the nuggets too, it was crumbly (shock horror) but it wasn’t to the point where it disintegrated on the plate which for me was perfect!


The consistency of the nuggets was perfect, what I loved the most was the fact that they were still very light to eat, they weren’t stodgy (that is sometimes what I have found with nuggets) and were an absolute dream. 

Value For Money

For the amount that you get in the box, you can do get a lot for your money it is quite a big box, but you can spread the amount the amount of nuggets that you get over a various amount of weeks! I know that Paul and I could have used the amount of nuggets in that box over about 4 weeks! 

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely adored these delicious nuggets, they were packed filled with protein and they were absolutely delicious! The other thing I loved was the fact that they were quick to cook, so if you have come home late and you’re really hungry, you can put these in the oven, with some salad and jacket potato and hey presto you have a yummy meal!

Fry’s products are available from Ocado, Holland & Barrett and most good food stores! 




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