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When it comes to bra’s they’re literally a girls best friend, or the biggest pain in the backside going, what I mean by that is, trying to find the one when it comes to a bra can be incredibly difficult. When you find that perfect bra that fits you perfectly, is incredibly comfortable or it’s your dream bra that you’ve spent a lot of money on you never want to let it go, I know that is exactly what I am like!


This is one of my oldest and favourite bras, I got this about 4 years ago, it is one of the best bras I ever bought and the best bit, it is one of the cheapest! I have kept this beautiful bra because it is so comfortable, you can wear with anything, it will support you, not dig into your back, and it’s not one of those fabrics that can make you feel really comfortable. The other fabulous thing about this bra is the fact that the wiring is done brilliantly, in 4 years they haven’t broken which I personally think is brilliant! 

Where I have lost a lot of weight I do focus a lot more on buying outerwear clothes rather than underwear, however when it comes to my bras I’ve actually gone up a cup size! Don’t ask me how I have managed that (I did go down a cup size but then went back up) but luckily I kept this bra because it still gives me the most fantastic support! I think the reason I usually focus on buying more outerwear items is because it is a lot easier to buy them than bras, that might sound silly, however I have found that in some stores I can be a completely different size! I don’t mean cup size I mean band size because it all depends on what they have used to make the bra out of. 

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