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Trying to buy for a blogger can be so difficult because you want to get your friend something unique but something that can use too, or at least that is what I usually go for, so honestly, what should you get a blogger? I will be going through a variety of different options to give a blogger but I will try to look for things on a budget! 


Blog Planner Printable – Undated Weekly Planner and Blog Post Organization Page

I am the person who is super organised and I like to have everything all planned and lists are literally my life, I think I speak for most people when it comes to lists and the love I have for them, but the thing I love the most about these pages is the fact that they are undated, so you haven’t got to worry about if there are a few days where you don’t use them, you can use them for another day! 


Fox compact week to view 2016 diary

A good diary is a bloggers best friend, if you’re looking at becoming more organised for 2016 then this is the perfect start. I loved this fox one because I thought it was super cute and for £4.50 I thought it was absolutely perfect for almost everyone and if you’re on the move then it is something that you can have in your bag and if you have an idea for a blog post, you can write it down straight away! 


Nordic Nights bear mug

Ever have those moments as a blogger and you’re trying to get through writing a blog post but you’re so tired, well this mug will be your way of getting through a blog post, it’s the perfect mug for your tea and coffee and will make you smile! 


Anker PowerCore 10400 Portable Charger

My fantastic husband bought me a power bank for my birthday, and you might think, really? Well it happens to be one of the best presents I’ve ever got, it is so useful, but not only that it charges my phone, tablets & can even charge my laptop if needed. The fantastic think about the power banks are the fact that they fit into your luggage and can be used on the move! 



This is so me, when I have a day where I don’t write or I don’t have any motivation, I usually say to myself, I queue some tweets and then I will workout and have a protein bar, or I will say oooh I’ll have some chocolate, that way it gives me the kick up the backside that I need to write. (Note if you are not in the mood to blog take some time for yourself, it’s always needed.)


Selfie Stick, – 2015 Version -, JETech® One-piece U-Shape Battery Free Selfie Stick Extendable Wireless Cable Control

There is so much buzz around selfie sticks and I think when it comes to Christmas having a selfie stick can help when it comes to taking group pictures this can be the perfect way. It is important that you’re safe using a selfie stick, but I love this one simply because it doesn’t have a battery it’s wireless and it suits a variety of different phone types! 


Neewer® 30cm/11.8″ 2in1 Circular Lens-mount Light Reflector

In Winter taking photos can be increasingly difficult, especially where we tend to lose the light a lot earlier in the day and using these reflectors can really help to add that little bit more light to your photographs! 


Talking Tables 3-Tier Utterly Scrumptious Cakestand

As a food blogger having a gorgeous cake stand is something that I’d absolutely adore and I think this one is absolutely stunning! I love the vintage feel that this one has to it, it reminds me of afternoon tea at Harrods or The Ritz,  I think it is something that would absolutely perfect to photograph too! 


Camera Strap “Magic”

If you’re a blogger who goes to a lot of bloggers, sometimes you need your hands to be free a little more, so having a your camera around your neck can at least give you a bit more freedom to take photos but also make sure that it is to hand when you need it the most! 

These are some of my top picks for a variety of different budgets, what do you think of the choices?


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    • facebook-profile-picture
      08/12/2015 / 11:45 am

      Thank you so much Elaine, I thought it would be something different to have a bloggers gift guide, I know sometimes it can be difficult for people buy for bloggers, so I went for some practical bits! <3

  1. 08/12/2015 / 10:01 pm

    These are such fab gifts!! I would be thrilled with a reflector or selfie stick me!! :’) Xx

    • facebook-profile-picture
      09/12/2015 / 6:16 pm

      Same! I love taking so many selfies and photos with loved ones I think they’re fantastic! I think the reflector can be perfect for the winter because light tends to abandon us in our hour of need! <3

  2. 13/12/2015 / 12:25 am

    Amie this guide is like reading back my wishlist! Camera equipment, light reflectors, and a planner… great picks!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

    • facebook-profile-picture
      14/12/2015 / 7:28 am

      Ahhh I’m so glad you liked what I picked, I wanted to find things that everyone could relate to or want for blogging! <3

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