Lemon Miracle Moringa Tree Tea Review


Tea Obsession

As you will know, I have an unhealthy obsession with tea, and this tea is one of my absolute favourites. Since finding Moringa at the Just V Show in July I was over the moon, the tea tastes absolutely incredible and I love the variety that they have! I can’t live without a good cuppa in the morning, but there is definitely something for everyone, but today I’m looking at the Lemon tea. 

I have previously spoke about the incredible company & the previous tea flavour I reviewed was the mint one [click here] which happens to be one of the ones that my dad loves too, and he definitely cannot get enough of it! 

Benefits Of Moringa

I absolutely adore my healthy living and when I looked at the stats for Moringa tea it really made me think about what I was drinking, the stats actually speak for themselves so here they are in all of their tea glory:

Tea Comparisons



I don’t normally like lemon, honestly if you ask my family, and my in laws, they will tell you that I hate it, but when it comes to this lemon tea I absolutely adore it. The lemon is quite strong, however what I have found after the first sip it becomes a lot more subtle, and not only that I’ve not been very well over the last few days, and the lemon has really helped my sore throat and my chest infection. 

Best Time To Drink

I have found that having around 3 a day really helped me, I usually have one once I’ve woken up in the morning because it gives me that slow wake up call, it’s got that fruity kick to it too. I usually have one with my lunch too because where I’ve got a chest infection it helps to clear my chest a lot more than it is without them. I usually have one before bed too, it relaxes me and gets me in the mood for sleeping. 

Value For Money

A box of 25 individually wrapped tea bags costs you £4.99, I know that might sound quite steep to pay for some tea, however, it is definitely worth it. The ingredients are 100% organic, not only that it is caffeine free, I know to some people that might sound ridiculous, however you get the pick me up and relaxation without the come down that you get from having lots of caffeine. 


Overall I have found that this is one of the best lemon tea’s I’ve had, not too overpowered by the lemon to the point of it being too sharp, but perfect for any time of the day. I’d even recommend the tea to people who haven’t had lemon tea before, it is perfect. 

You can purchase the tea on Amazon, Revital, Planet Organic, independent pharmacies & health stores, ShopMoringa and on MiracleTree.co


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