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So at the Just V Show I was looking for fabulous food that I would eat on a regular basis, things that I could snack on, things that are healthy, filling, and tasty at the same time. I think it is incredibly important to have a variety of different snacks because you then have the choice there for you if you get bored of eating one specific thing.

The Product



They taste incredible, what I love about these fabulous snacks is the crunch that they have to them. I’m not like eating nuts like pecans on their own, but they have that crunch which makes you feel so full. What I also love is the fact that you can taste the beetroot (which I have a serious obsession with) but it has the mixture of sweet & savoury with the beetroot and the nuts.


Sometimes with snack balls you might think that they might crumble or they might be super sticky and stick to your teeth, but what I found with these balls they are sticky but not to the point where your teeth feel covered in the stuff. What I also love is the fact that there is just the right amount, so you don’t feel like you’ve eaten too much or you haven’t


Honestly these are some of my favourite beet balls, they are delicious and I am officially addicted to them. They would also be perfect if you’re going on a long journey, put them in a bag, keep the cool, and they’re ready for when you need them.


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