Plus Size Fashion Week Vs New York Fashion Week

The Discussion

I’ve recently seen online from the Telegraph about are plus size fashion models better than Victoria Beckham using skinny models. (see article here) This is something that I have discussed on my blog a lot, especially when it comes to health at any size which is something that I am incredibly passionate about. I have recently talked about What People Define As Beautiful, The Be Beach Body Ready Debate & The Stretch Mark Debate which I believe are all linked, I am a plus size girlie, I am beach body ready and I also have stretch marks, I workout but because a person is plus size, what makes me different to any other model that is on the catwalk? I’d like to point out, there is no difference.

NYFW (New York Fashion Week)

Anyone will know that with New York Fashion Week all of the A-list descend on the city to see what wonders the new season has to offer and also what we will most likely be seeing our favourite celebrities in. Everyone from Anna Wintour to Kylie Jenner to Suki Waterhouse all of them were on the front row to see the worlds top designers like Carolina Herrera to Vera Wang, all there to see these amazing designs.

UKPSFW (United Kingdom Plus Size Fashion Week)

The UKPSFW is already in it’s 3rd year, and is still celebrating the girl who are plus size and still want to wear the most beautiful clothes, and it definitely did not disappoint us, there were incredibly beautiful designs to flatter all figures and also a wide variety of different of styles, with everyone from Evans to Boohoo to Curvy Kate offering lots of amazing designs, blogging loves of my own like Callie Thorpe, Georgina Grogan & I were all there at UK Plus Size Fashion Week sharing the love!

 A Sizing Debate

Lets start off by talking about the New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham was being trolled online because of the look of her models saying that the models were looking skeletal!

Now I am not the type of person who will judge someone by their outside, god knows I’ve been judged way too much in my life, and sometimes people are naturally very skinny, they’re not unhealthy, they eat well actually they would eat more than me and still be skinny, that is why I think it is important to understand that everyone’s body types are different. Just because they’re skinny, doesn’t always mean they have an eating disorder. Here is my husband for a prime example, my husband when I first started dating him was incredibly skinny, he was tiny, but beautiful, and he hated that he was so skinny, and he would have 2 meals for dinner, he would have lots of chocolate, he would have takeaway, yet he wouldn’t put on weight. There was nothing wrong with him, he was completely healthy, he just had a very high metabolism. Now lets look at UK Plus Size Fashion Week, here is one of the shots from the catwalk:

Another beautiful model (Olivia Campbell is stunning) walking down the catwalk showcasing some absolutely beautiful clothes on Saturday. Now what makes Olivia different to the model at New York Fashion Week? Nothing really, they are both beautiful people inside and out, they both wear fashion incredibly well, they showcase themselves in an incredible way, the only difference is, their size.

Health At Any Size

You can be healthy at any size, just because you’re plus size, it doesn’t mean that you eat unhealthy, it doesn’t mean that you don’t work out, just like if you’re skinny it doesn’t mean that you are healthy, and I think that is a problem that we have, we are too quick to judge someone for their size, we are too quick to jump on the you’re unhealthy bandwagon.

What Does It Mean?

Take me for example, I am a vegan, I workout 6 days a week mixing it up between cardio, yoga, weights & walking, I don’t eat unhealthy, I have more than my 5 a day, I probably rack up about 10 possibly 15 where I eat so much fruit and veg, so it doesn’t matter what the media tells you, you can be plus size and healthy! I have no problems, I have high muscle mass & and I am falling in love with my body more and more every day.

Overall Reminder

Fashion is amazing, fashion is about expressing who you are as a person, it is about making you feel confident, and feeling fabulous at the same time, your body is art, fashion is art, and as long as you’re happy, you’re healthy and you’re comfortable in your own skin, it’s not about what anyone else thinks it’s your body, your rules.

More posts will be coming soon on so please keep your eyes open.


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    • facebook-profile-picture
      17/09/2015 / 2:15 pm

      Thank you so much Ania, I completely agree, I think we are too focused on judging other people based on the exterior. <3

  1. 18/09/2015 / 5:19 pm

    Hi Amie,

    What a great post I love going to fashion shows too and I am so pleased that some of the designers have started to use plus size models :).

    I love your new designed blog by the way it looks really nice.


    • facebook-profile-picture
      18/09/2015 / 6:19 pm

      I’m exactly the same, I think it is so important for fashion to be accessible but also it’s not about comparing each other, it’s about showcasing the incredible people we are 🙂 <3

  2. 21/09/2015 / 11:24 pm

    Love this post lovely! It’s so true, neither sizes are any different to the other! I’m still waiting for the day when the high fashion runways won’t have a size restriction on who can model the clothes!

    Heather Xx

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