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A Forever Kind Of Love

Last month I received an incredible box of goodies from Great Food UK, I was in absolute heaven, I have loved all of the food that I have ever had from Great Food UK, their falafel was actually one of the first things I tried that was vegan, and I got it every week after that (addicted much?) because I love the taste that much!

The Product

This is the Mediterranean Falafel
This is the Spinach and Pine Nuts Falafel



The different types of falafel both have such huge flavours, they are so incredible, the Mediterranean falafel has a strong and warming spice flavour which gets stronger with every bite. Whereas when I had the spinach and pine nuts it is a very mild taste, however what I loved the most about it was it had an almost smokey nutty flavour to it with the beautiful pine nuts. You will definitely absolutely adore this for your lunch, or even warmed up for dinner!


I love the fact that if you have them straight from out of the packaging you can crumble them, but even though they have quite a dense consistency they have the ability to be crumbled or flattened into a wrap or pitta. Even when they’re hot they are super delicious, they have a little crunch on the outside and are nice and soft on the inside!

Value For Money

I think you definitely get value for money, they are really quite big, you don’t need many, if you have the regular sized ones (not the snack pack) then you probably need 2 or 3 max because they are so filling!


To find more about these fabulous products and what else the wonderful Great Food UK have to offer, click here and see their inspiring range of products.

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