Workouts For Your Different Moods

Our moods cause us to struggle through our days, they can change the way that we come across but what I’ve learned throughout my fitness journey is working out can really help your mood and the way you’re feeling.

workouts for when you’re feeling alone

We all struggle with moments where we feel alone, maybe where you’ve been so busy and you haven’t had the chance to do anything else but the daily routine, doing things like group sports can really help you. When you are working out in a group not only will it help you to fight feeling alone but you have the chance to make new friends, mix in with a fabulous community but by being in a fabulous community like that can help build your confidence, have a better social life!

Workouts for when you feel anxious

We have those days where we feel incredibly anxious about what the day might hold, maybe you’re anxious because you had a job interview today or you had some new responsibilities at work, either way yoga practice can really help to calm your anxious feelings. Yoga has the power to reduce our adrenaline levels but also gives us a boost when it comes to serotonin which will give you the inner calm, you can begin to relax and change the way you end up looking at your life, I know that is what happened for me.


Had a rough day at work, have you had so much to do and not enough time to get everything done, we put ourselves under pressure to make sure that you can get it done? Sounding familiar? Well boxing can really help when it comes to managing your stress, when you work out, you produce endorphins which promotes happiness, and any frustration that you might have felt before the workout can be elevated after a fabulous boxing session.

WORKOUTS FOR WHEN YOU want to build self confidence

Everyone at some point in their life struggles with some self confidence but when you have low self confidence, but what I have found is by doing resistance training really helps, when you feel the progress you’ve made but also the way it makes your body feel, and not only that when you begin to feel you’re able to lift heavier weights it gives you that confidence to say I can do this, I am strong, I am incredible.

WORKOUTS FOR struggles with depression

As I have documented on my blog that I have struggled with depression, anxiety and agoraphobia, however, when it came to me going on my own fitness journey, walking was one of the first things that my husband got me doing, walking a little more every day, not only that it can help you to feel emotionally stronger, but also get the blood flowing through your body!


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