Sativa Shakes Vegan Protein Powder Review*

As most of you fabulous people know, I’ve been working with Sativa Shakes, using their protein powder to cook with, but also to use in my breakfast. I was sent 2 fabulous flavours which are absolutely delicious, I have strawberry and banana, and the other one is chocolate and caramel.


No I have tried a lot of protein powders in the past, especially on my weight loss journey, and sometimes I have found that they can sometimes be really grainy, or they don’t taste particularly nice.

Strawberry and Banana


The taste is absolutely delicious, it has a lovely banana taste with some strawberry undertones, so it’s not too over the top, it’s very subtle. If you mix it in with some frozen fruit and some unsweetened almond milk, it is the perfect combination. The best bit however, is the fact that it isn’t grainy, it blends well and it comes out very smooth.


The reason I am talking about the smell, but previously I have had protein powder that smells horrid or they’re so strong it completely overpowers every taste, but with this one, it’s absolutely delicious, it compliments everything.



Chocolate and Caramel


The protein powder is actually my favourite, I use it in the morning and honestly it really helps with all of the chocolate cravings I tend to have (remember everything in moderation right?) but this taste honestly makes me feel like I’m eating a bar of caramel chocolate.


The smell is absolutely beautiful, I’ve fallen in love with it, it smells as good as it tastes, it’s like the first time you open a chocolate bar and all you can smell is the cocoa it’s like a dream come true, well this is basically what it is like.



To buy these fabulous shakes head on over to and hit the shop. It will be the best purchase you will make.


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  1. 27/05/2015 / 11:55 pm

    Having recently committed to eradicating almost all dairy from my life, these sound amazing! xx

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