Make Up Essentials


I have loved make up for what feels like forever now, so I thought what might be an amazing idea is to put together a list of top tips!

  1. Treat your skin – Make sure that you have an effective routine, so face masks, daily wash for your skin, moisturise, treat your skin.
  2. Dark spots – Use a little light concealer or foundation and a little powder to balance the tone. In the evening use products that have a little shimmer so you can use it as a highlighter.
  3. Day eye make up – Use a little mascara with some natural eye shadow so you’re able to subtly define the eyes.
  4. Day time lip make up – Use a nude matte tone, nothing too over the top, just enough to highlight your eyes.
  5. Evening eye make up – Refresh your day make up but instead of the natural tone eye shadow, give it a little more of an intense colour with some eye liner, or you can use a bright lip instead.
  6. Evening lip make up – Choose between either your eyes or your lips, if you are going for killer eyes, go for a light lip gloss, or if you go on a light eye shadow use a darker more bright lip.
  7. Blush 101 – Make sure that you don’t use too much, blush should be just a small amount at the top of your cheekbones and then blend.
  8. Plastic spoon fantastic – If you’re wanting to apply more mascara to the lower eye lashes get the back of the spoon, place it under your lower lashes and then apply the mascara, and when you pull it away you won’t get the mascara when you blink!
  9. Exfoliate your lips – Before you put some lipstick on, make sure that you have scrubbed your lips with a lip scrub (Lush do some fabulous ones) or you could use a childs first tooth brush, but make sure you cover your lips in some lip balm before you do that.
  10. Lash curling – When you curl your lashes, curl at the lash base and hold while you begin to rotate your hand upwards, then, do the same the other way with your top lashes.
  11. Lash curling #2 – Warm your curler up, this can be doe easily by heating the ends up with a hair dryer. Not for too long because you don’t want to do damage, however it will help your lashes to curl more at the base.
  12. Matching your skin – When you go shopping for foundation it is something you need to be very careful with, because you don’t want to have a shade that doesn’t match your skin. The best place to match the colour is by applying it to your neck and see what happens. That way you are matching it to your true colour, because your face can easily catch the sun.
  13. Lip lining – If you want to give the illusion of bigger lips, use a lip pencil and go just outside your lip line, not too much, remember you want it to look natural, and then use your lip gloss/stick to show a natural line.

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